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‘Youth in’ is a nonprofit organization that was created by Alturki Holding. It focuses on developing youth workers’ capacities by creating a professional community and providing vital tools to help youth build a positive impact in their local communities. Among these tools are guidelines, studies, initiatives, international establishments, training programs, and workshops.

Youth in accomplishments include:

  • Developing guidelines and studies
  • Creating partnerships and initiatives with international establishments
  • Conducting training programs and workshops

In the years 2017 and 2018, Youth in impacted 2,094 members of the local community, mostly youth. They produced five guidelines and four studies that are used as valuable resources to empower youth and provide a reference on best practices on working with youth.


Alturki Holding supports Endeavor, an organization leading the global movement to select, mentor, and accelerate the most capable entrepreneurs around the world.

Endeavor Saudi Arabia commenced its activities in 2012 and celebrated its official launch on May 11, 2014, under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry. The Saudi chapter is Endeavor’s fifth Middle East regional affiliate, following successful launches in the region.

In recent years, entrepreneurship and innovation have become the meaningful economic growth engines of the country. Endeavor’s unique model helps in identifying and supporting entrepreneurs who create quality jobs that multiply impact. Endeavor Saudi Arabia is spearheaded by local board members and business leaders who believe in Endeavor’s mission and aim to be the catalyst for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom12.

Since the inception of Endeavor in Saudi Arabia, 17 companies, including 22 entrepreneurs, were selected to go through rigorous mentoring and capacity building.
The Potential of High–Impact Entrepreneurs
Possess the biggest most innovative ideas and the capacity to realize them.
Scale their businesses creating significantly more wealth and high quality jobs.
Reinvest their knowledge, credibility and financial gains in the generation of entrepreneurs.
Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 4 times more likely to inspire
Economic Growth 2.4 times faster
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 8 times more likely to mentor 4 times more likely to invest
Job Creation 5.4 faster

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