Corporate volunteering

Volunteering is open to all and any activates  but must be approved NGOs or organization by the Alturki holding  Impact committee. In order to count  a volunteering activity, a volunteer hosting organization must submit  a certificate  and brief feedback survey about the activity.

What does Alturki Holding consider volunteering as applied to this framework?

Volunteering is open to all and any activities but must be from approved NGOs or organisations by the Alturki Holding Impact Committee. In order to count a volunteering activity, a volunteer hosting organisation must submit a certificate and brief feedback survey about the activity.

Employee Volunteering Rewards and Recognition
Vacation Donation in their name Bonus KPIs Recognition Volunteer Management Software
An employee who volunteers for up to 3 business days will be allowed to do so without taking any personal leave. Any volunteering beyond 3 days will be counted as personal leave. The top X (recommended 10 people) as volunteers based upon total number of hours per year, will be given 5,000 RAS to donate to a nonprofit cause of their choice (from approved Alturki Holding List). Any employee who complete 20 hours of volunteering and health and safety requirements will be given a 5% increase in their end of year performance evaluation. Annual gift and announcement publicly by achievement award board/forum. The volunteering management software will include a calendar, sign in and sign out function, organization page with full activity details, volunteer dashboard, leaderboard, and track your KPIs including # of volunteers, # of hours, # of organizations, etc.


Volunteer impact indicators

REF Impact Indicators Targets
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
vol 1 % of employees as active volunteers 0 10% 11% 12% 13% 14%
vol 2 Avg # of volunteering hours per employee per year - 2.5 2.6 2.8 3 3.2
vol 3 % of total that are repeat long-term volunteers(remain on same site/cause) - 15% 16% 18% 20% 21%
vol 4 # of volunteering accepting partners approved by Alturki Holding Not a target, just to monitor
vol 5 # of beneficiaries impacted by our volunteers during the volunteer program, as submitted by partner organization Will come directly from organisations. to be monitored


Impact monitoring


You can create data from a simple survey to include impact indicators specific for each project by asking the following questions: Survey for Volunteer impact should follow,

  • What changed for you as a volunteer as a direct result of this experience?
  • What changed about you professionally as a direct result of this experience?
  • What changed about your workplace or colleagues as a direct result of this experience?
  • What commitments can you make and keep about your future as a direct result of this experience?”


Funding, alignment, reporting & impact


Collectively measure the following:

  • Repeated commitment to cause (long-term volunteering or volunteers that become skilled)
  • # of activities that are highly unique
  • Activities that target groups that wouldn’t have access to similar support
  • Change in perception of company, workplace and commitment to work
  • Changes in how you are able to perform your job
  • Skills learned due to volunteering

Each volunteer is recommended to complete a survey to help us track outcomes containing details about volunteering (hours, location, for what purpose, organisation or individuals served). These results will be stored and stakeholders should be engaged (as a sample) each year to verify claims after the activity took place. Subsidiaries and Alturki Holding should report on an annual basis. This should be included in the volunteer management software.


Employee login

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