Education for employment

Alturki supports Education for Employment (EFE), a network of locally-run, not-for-profit organizations that provide young people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with the instruments to start a job, become entrepreneurs, build their future, and give back to their communities.

EFE creates public-private partnerships to build intensive, interactive, tailored training programs for jobs that are pre-committed by its business partners and provide companies with suitable talent. As a complementary pathway to economic opportunity, EFE’s entrepreneurship program prepares young people to become entrepreneurs and provides access to tangible follow-up support.

EFE-Saudi Arabia publicly launched in 2017 to provide underprivileged and unemployed young Saudi women and men with demand-driven training directly linked to economic opportunities. Its establishment was guided by a private-sector advisory committee, along with seed funding and incubation from leading Saudi Arabian companies and foundations

Over 3,000 Saudi youth linked to employment 54% of EFE Saudi Arabia graduates are young women 49 employers have hired EFE-Saudi Arabia alumni

Arab thought foundation

The Arab Thought Foundation is an independent, international, non-governmental organization, which was founded in the year 2000 by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, with the support and competencies of a group of intellectuals, investors, and businessmen, who identified with its message and principles of enlightenment. The Foundation is committed to instilling pride in the traditions, principles, and values of the nation by promoting responsible freedom, reinforcing Arab solidarity, strengthening the unifying Arab identity, all the while preserving the wealth diversity and plurality.

Through its contributions to intellectual and cultural efforts, ATF has adopted an approach based on fostering partnerships and cooperation with complementing relevant organizations, institutions, think tanks, and research centers. It has also launched pioneering programs and projects aiming at endorsing the youth, modernizing the teaching and learning methods of the Arabic language, and highlighting the importance of dialogue and openness to the world’s many languages and cultures

Eefa society for people with disabilities

Alturki Holding is a Board member for the Eefa Society for People with Disabilities. We provide advice and financial support to help the organization with its mission to provide the highest standards in rehabilitation and education of people with disabilities.

Samara cares for people with disabilities

Through our subsidiary, Samara, we provide specialized cars to cater to the needs of people with physical disabilities; these vehicles were all fully booked for the year. We do not make a profit out of this service and look to increase the volume of these cars to serve a larger number of deserving customers.

Saudi food bank

We provide financial support for the Saudi Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of private sector leaders in the Eastern Province to decrease food waste and build community awareness around this concept.

Between 2017 and 2018, the Saudi food bank has provided over 7 million meals to more than 5,600 families.

The organization aims to:
  • Educate local communities on food waste
  • Gather addition food and distribute it to those in need
  • Create job opportunities and train community members
  • Create a culture of volunteerism
  • Provide professional social work opportunities
  • Create effective partnerships

Masahet watan art & culture exhibition

We support this festival, which celebrates arts and culture held annually on National Day, where artists from different backgrounds gather to showcase their artistic talent and present work celebrating the heritage of Saudi Arabia.


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