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The value of volunteering and giving back is deeply instilled in our culture. As an active corporate citizen, Alturki Holding is always seeking opportunities in which our employees can get involved in their communities and support different types of causes.

Corporate volunteering

What does Alturki Holding consider volunteering as applied to this framework?

Volunteering is open to all and any activities but must be from approved NGOs or organisations by the Alturki Holding Impact Committee.  In order to count a volunteering activity, a volunteer hosting organisation must submit a certificate and brief feedback survey about the activity.

During the years 2017 and 2018, our employees have volunteered more than 2,798 hours for causes relating to health and wellbeing, women empowerment, children, and humanitarian causes.
Initiative Description 2017 2018
Hours Volunteers Hours Volunteers
1. Alturki Giving Carnival A humanitarian volunteering program that gets our employees volunteering in our local community across various charitable causes 1,251 210 595 100
2. Alturki Fun Day A day full of activities and team-building exercises. It takes places in four regions; Dhahran, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Cairo 400 50 0 0
3. Alturki Sports Program A series of sporting events that take place across several regions to encourage our employees to live active and healthy lifestyles 0 0 100 25
4. Alturki Toastmasters A series of workshops to promote communication and public speaking skills 144 6 144 6
5. Waifs Club A club dedicated to the wives of our employees, to invite them to come together in initiatives that celebrate their creativity 18 6 18 6
6. Kids Day A day full of fun activities for the kids of our employees 40 20 40 20
7. Company Trip A day in which our employees’ children visit our company and subsidiaries to see where their parents work, and instill in them values of hard work and collaboration. 48 8 - 0
- - 1,901 300 897 157

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