Input material consumption

Our subsidiaries monitor their consumption of input materials and use only what is necessary to avoid additional costs and waste. The below table shows the top input material used per subsidiary. The consumption levels fluctuate depending on project needs, but also on the introduction of monitoring processes and systems that help accurately calculating what is required.

Relevant KPIs to be Monitored by Subsidiaries as Part of the 2019 Sustainability Integration Roadmap:

  • Volume of input material used - broken down by type (tons)
Material Consumption (Metric Tons) 2017 2018
Arkaz SNF 2,910 2,038
Poly Carboxylate 2,100 1,535
Sodium Lignin 841 675
Inma Steel Steel Plate 200 300
Saudi Readymix Cement 2,01,4000 1,710,000
Aggregate 6,360,000 5,400,000
Sand 4,134,000 3,510,000
  • The table excludes Alturki Holding, Masheed, Musanadah, Samara, and Sawafi

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