Shaping a Learning Culture

Shaping a Learning Culture

Alturki Holding Company is a sustainability pioneer in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region and key to this, according to Alanoud Alsemaeil, Alturki Holding Company Support Services Manager, is in shaping a corporate culture that has continuous learning and development at its core.

“At Alturki we believe that Building Great Businesses at its core means investing in people and that’s why we heavily invest in providing all of our employees with opportunities for training and development and strive to encourage a positive workplace environment where team members can learn, grow and reach their full potential. We believe that continuous learning and development is vital to helping our employees achieve their career goals and for the sustainable business success of Alturki. Learning and development helps Alturki attract the best people, improve productivity and profitability, and in today’s digitally driven business environment, constantly updating skills and knowledge is the only way businesses can adapt to the fast pace of change.

To address this need for continuous learning and development we have developed ‘Hemmah’, Alturki’s Talent Development Program, a comprehensive learning and development program designed to address the current and future training and development needs of more than 600 employees within the holding company and across the group of companies whilst also aiming to attract and retain the kingdom’s best local talent. Hemmah’, which means 'resilience’ or strength through adversity, is designed to bring the full potential of our team’s talent to life by providing every employee with the opportunity to grow their capabilities and acquire new knowledge that will help them achieve their long-term career goals.  The program has four core sub programs, قادة ‘Qaddah’, خبير‘Khabeer’, طويق ‘Tuwaiq’ and تمكَّن ‘Tamakan’.

Qaddah is designed to prepare High performing employees to assume leadership positions in the company and further enhance the skills of the company’s current leadership team. Khabeer aims to enhance and upgrade core skills and improve organizational efficiency through development opportunities and skills development, Tuwaiq is designed to attract and retain highly talented Saudis and provide them with opportunities to develop and grow within the group of companies, and Tamakan is designed to ensure that every Alturki employee is empowered with the basic competencies to not only maximize their efficiency but allow them to reach their full career potential.

Hemmah is part of Alturki’s sustainability legacy but also underscores our unswerving commitment to supporting the success of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It addresses the developments needs of all of our employees, equips them with the skills and knowledge they need in the Digital Age, and deeply instills the value of continuous learning. This in itself will have an outwardly resonating positive effect both in the office, the family and the community. It will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and nurture a positive corporate culture. A positive corporate culture will in turn build brand equity and attract and retain the kingdom’s best talent and positively impact revenue and sustainable growth.

Through Hemmah, Alturki is bringing to life the full spectrum of our teams’ creative talents. We are Investing in our people as the source of our success so that we will positively impact our businesses, communities and our nation to create more value every day.” 


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