About Alturki Holding

Alturki Holding is a premier investor and partner of choice for building sustainable businesses in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Since our establishment in 1975, we have been a key facilitator in the development of modern Saudi Arabia, having been involved in almost every major infrastructure development across the Kingdom.

With over four decades of experience, we have built and accelerated the growth of our portfolio of leading businesses across an array of sectors. These sectors includes Construction and Building Materials, Infrastructure, Transportation, Information and Communications Technologies, Oil-Field Tools and Services, Real Estate and more. We will continue to grow our core strategic businesses, however, we will invest in new trending industries such as Healthcare IT, and Education Technology. We will also consider companies that aim to positively transform business models and society through new digital technologies and harnessing the potential of the fourth industrial revolution.


To contribute proactively to Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive sustainable development to achieve the Country’s vision.



Based on our PERFORM culture and our unique Operating Model, guided by international Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.



Invest, develop and give responsibly.


We have been involved in almost every major infrastructure project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since our establishment. We strive to be a key player in the development of modern Saudi Arabia and have joined hands with global as well as local partners to build a diverse portfolio of companies that have since become leaders in their specialized fields.

Our Journey

Alturki has evolved in step with the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the last 45 years. With our core businesses in construction and building materials, we have participated in many of the largest industrial and infrastructure projects in the Country.

We have kept up with the pace of change that technology and an evolving society bring. We have built a portfolio of businesses that create shareholder value while adding real value to the societies in which we operate. Many of these companies have become leaders in their field, including the largest general contractor, the largest producer of ready-mixed concrete, the largest cement trader, and a leading telecom distributor, to name a few.

1975 Established Khalid Ali Alturki & Sons Company (Trading & Development Company – TRADCO)
1973 Created Petroserve Arabia in partnership with EA Juffali to establish Pool Arabia Drilling
1976 Tradco-Vulcan Co.
1978 AGAP Arabia LTD
1979 Dematteis Arabia
1980 Cegelec Contracting Co.
1980 RAWABI Trading & Contracting Co
1981 Inma Electronics
1984 Inma Steel Fabricators Co.
1985 Inma Wooden Pallets Factories Co. LTD
1987 Inma Woodwork Factories Co
Hitachi shipbuilding & ENGG Co.
Mannesmann Anlagebau Arabia
NKK Saudi Construction
Schlegel Lining Technology
Kurvers Piping
Nippon Conveyor Company
TMSI Arabia
Ebara Infilco
Hazama Gumi
1988 Tradco-Vulcan Co. became Saudi Arabian Vulcan
1992 Saudi Arabian Vulcan became Inma Construction Material
1993 Inma Steel
1996 NEC Saudi Arabia
1991 Saudi OPMI Co.
1997 Establish JV with Halliburton
1998 Acquired Saudi Readymix & merged with Inma Construction Material to become Saudi readymix
2002 Inma Electronics became Inma Technologies
2002 Sold Tasqeef
2003 Closing Inma Woodwork Factories Co.
2004 Invested in Nesma & Partners
2005 Investing in i2
2005 Juman Acquisition
2007 Grace
2008 Element Joint Venture
2008 Sold Halliburton
2008 Velosi Joint Venture
2010 Musanadah
2010 Grace becomes Arkaz
2011 Opening Alturki Business Park
2012 Masheed
2013 Alturki acquires Samara
2013 Direct Investment in Libya Holdings
2013 Direct Investment in iMENA  
2013 Sawafi
2014 Sold Inma Pallets
2014 Acquired Caledyne
2015 Sold Nabors Arabia
2015 Sold JR McDermott
2015 Sold Caledyne
2017 Sold Juman
2018 Samara Acquires Carspa
2019 Direct Investment in Trucker
2019 Investing in Algebra Ventures
2019 Investing in BECO Capital
2019 Investing in Endeavor
2019 Investing in Iliad Partners
2019 Direct Investment in Little Thinking Minds
2019 Investing in MEVP
2019 Investing in RAED Venture Capital
2019 Sawafi Borets Joint Venture
2020 Sixt appoints Samara as Franchisee for KSA
2020 Selling URC and i2
2020 Alturki Recognized as ‘A Great Place to Work”
2020 Alturki Launches “Tahreez”, An Advanced Technology Security Company
2020 Alturki CEO Appointment at NEOM Academy
2021 Sawafi Borets Hosts Ground-Breaking Ceremony for its new headquarters at King Salman Energy Park (SPARK)
2021 Alturki Launches ‘Hemmah’ Talent Development Program
2021 New ‘Sixt’ Branches Open In King Khalid International Airport

A trusted business partner with a long track record of success, solid financial position, world-class team, and wide network of partners.

A progressive investment partner, and one of the largest employers in the Kingdom, Alturki supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by facilitating economic diversification and supporting societal development. The company is committed to the creation of value across all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics and invests responsibly in order to grow its business while supporting the development of economies, improving lives, and preserving the planet for the future generations. 

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    Progressive investment partner with over 15 companies to accelerate.

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    40 years of diverse experience within the region and globally

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    Over 30,000+ multinational employees across Saudi Arabia and MENA region


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