Alturki Holding Collaborates with Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Foundation for Development Finance to Empower Women Entrepreneurs through Jana Center

Jun 06, 2024


Alturki Holding is pleased to announce the renewal of its strategic partnership with Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Foundation for Development Finance, represented by Jana Center. This collaboration aims to continue empowering women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. Building on its previous investment wallet with the center, which supported 170 women in starting and sustaining businesses from 2012 to 2017, Alturki Holding is committed to furthering this impactful initiative.

Jana Center is dedicated to providing financial support to women aged 18-60 who possess a clear business idea but lack the necessary funding to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. Operating across 20 serviced areas, Jana Center has already empowered over 62,000 women to establish their businesses and improve their quality of life. This collaboration will continue to focus on expanding opportunities for women, promoting financial inclusion, and fostering sustainable economic growth.

The partnership aims to support and finance a variety of micro-projects and family businesses to enhance their income, promote entrepreneurship, and encourage self-reliance. These efforts are intended to improve living standards and boost productivity. The agreement outlines several key components including: providing loans, ensuring beneficiaries meet the required criteria, applying best practices to achieve desired outcomes, monitoring loan repayment, and continuously overseeing the loan wallet's performance. Additionally, it includes developing an action plan for the program's implementation.

Through its partnership with Jana Center, Alturki Holding extends its commitment to supporting sustainable development and inclusion. By working together on initiatives focused on education, women's empowerment, youth development, and health, Alturki Holding aims to empower individuals and build a lasting positive impact.


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