Alturki Holding Conducts Professional Communication Training for Managing Directors and Heads of Communication and Marketing

Dec 05, 2023


The Corporate Communication Department at Alturki Holding conducted a Professional Communication Training session on December 5th for the Managing Directors and Heads of Communication and Marketing across the Holding and its subsidiaries. The session took place at Alturki Business Park and was led by a pioneering author and Professor of Management and Corporate Communication at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Paul A. Argenti.

The training covered two main topics. Firstly, it delved into Strategic Communication, focusing on the development and execution of communication strategies for integration purposes and personal leadership. Secondly, it covered Crisis Communication, addressing essential actions to be taken during and after a crisis, while studying best practices for effective crisis management.

The main purpose of the event was to emphasize the pivotal role of effective communication at all levels within the organization. It underlined the critical importance of strategic planning and crisis management in driving the overall success of businesses.

Alturki Holding aims to continuously develop its employees as well as create a positive corporate culture that encourages its people to reach their full potential and support the realization of the organization goals.


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