Eyad Ramlawi – Mentor of the Month

Apr 11, 2019


Eyad Ramlawi the Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Alturki Holding been selected to be the mentor of the month by Endeavor KSA.

ENDEAVOR KSA is leading the global movement to select, mentor, and accelerate the best entrepreneurs around the world through an elite network of local and global business leaders mentor Endeavor entrepreneurs. That provides executives constructive advice on issues entrepreneurs are facing through “Global Connections” with Endeavor Venture Corps.

His remarkable professional journey started with a leading position at Deloitte in both the GCC and the USA and he went on to hold multiple senior executive-level positions at a number of investment companies such as National Holding in Abu Dhabi.

His extensive repertoire of unique operational, investment management and leadership skills make him one of the most insightful strategy executives in his field, which is why he started volunteering as a mentor at Endeavor in 2017.

“Endeavor experience inspired me in so many ways. It provides access to a large network of professionals around the world and allows mentors to make an impact within their own communities and globally as well. I am really honored to be part of such an energetic and professional global organization” – Mr. Eyad Ramlawi


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