Inma Steel Integral Part of Clients’ Value Chain

Sep 06, 2020


Customers rely on Inma Steel to complete projects at a short notice, a distinction that is a realisation of Vision 2030 for supporting local manufacturers and increasing local content

Inma Steel, a subsidiary of Alturki Holding, prides itself for its ability to support industrial infrastructure by being an integral part of its clients’ value chain.

Whether by supplying manufactured equipment or through service interventions, the needs of its customers remain at the heart of the company’s decisions.

Muntaser Kalahji, the Managing Director of Inma Steel, elaborates: "Over the years our customers have come to rely on us to be able to provide them with our equipment and services whenever required and in whatever circumstances.

"In fact, this recent pandemic is a great example of how we continued to fulfill all our commitments and complete deliveries for our client, Saudi Aramco, regardless of how difficult the situation was. We appreciate our customers’ confidence and trust and we strive to be not only reliable partners but also adding value to the final outcome.

Another example of the company’s emphasis on reliably supporting the infrastructure of local industries can be observed in the aftermath of the incident in Saudi Aramco’s plant in Abqaiq in late 2019.

Inma Steel was able to respond to Saudi Aramco’s short notice for service intervention, thanks to its proximity, being located in Jubail industrial area, and the readiness of its passionate team.

"We feel extremely proud when our customers like Saudi Aramco reach out to us for jobs and to complete projects at a short notice. That alliance exhibits trust in our ability to do the work on time and is a true realisation of Vision 2030 to support local manufacturers and increase local content," Kalahji comments.

He adds: "We have had a long relationship with Saudi Aramco and have worked on various projects over the years. We have been an integral part of their value chain locally."

Kalahji continues: "At Inma Steel our business is built around the core values driven from Alturki family values, of which reliability and customer centricity drive our work ethic and business dealings. We place our customer at the centre of our processes. And once we shake hands, we walk the talk from inception till completion."

Inma Steel recently expanded its production capacity by shifting to a new state-of-the-art 65,000 sq m facility in Jubail, lending it additional leverage to capitalise on its local experience and extensive expertise.

The upgrade to its supply will also inevitably enable Inma Steel to excel on its path to becoming the preferred local partner supporting industries in KSA and the region, he says.

Source: Oil and Gas News


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