Musanadah Big 5 Saudi Summit

Apr 19, 2022


The Alturki Holding facility management subsidiary Musanadah successfully participated in the “FM Expo Saudi & Saudi Clean Expo” as part of the recently concluded ‘Big 5 Saudi Summit’. The Expo brings FM expertise, technology, and products together for an exchange of ideas and innovations, opening the door to new developments in the facility management and cleaning industry to the region’s key decision-makers.

During the event, Mohannad AlMadhi, Managing Director of Musanadah mediated the MEFMA Panel Discussion on March 29, 2022. Themed “Trends, challenges, and opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s FM industry,” The session was centered around green facility management, the future of Health and Safety best practice, the role of digital transformation and trends in hygiene.

Discussing the critical role of digital transformation in adapting to new opportunities and challenges, the panelists explored and shed light on various methodologies and processes to support cost savings and increased productivity.

Addressing future strategies on striving towards a zero-workplace injury goal, the panel discussed the importance of emergency preparedness and how it can help protect the health and safety of employees, their surrounding communities, and the environment.

The session also expounded the implementation of sustainable practices as part of “Green FM”, aimed at reducing a company’s carbon footprint while cutting down on workflow costs, as well as best practices on cleaning and standards that could help reduce direct costs through reduced wastage.

A leading proponent of sustainable progress in the Kingdom with a long track record of accelerating the growth of businesses, Alturki Holding is driven by a shared purpose to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development to the economies and societies in which it operates.


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