Water consumption

Saudi Arabia faces dangerous levels of water scarcity and stress. A 2018 report published by UN-Water titled “Progress on Level of Water Stress” depicts a detailed analysis postulating that “32 countries are experiencing water stress of between 25 and 70 percent; 22 countries are above 70 percent and are considered to be seriously stressed; in 15 countries, this figure rises to above 100 percent, and of these, four have water stress above 1,000 percent. The four countries are Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, where the demand for water is largely being met by desalination.”1

These alarming percentages make our responsibility for conscious water consumption even greater. We buy utility water from the Saudi National Water Company and receive monthly bills with our consumption. Some of our subsidiaries consume a higher quantity of water for their operations. Saudi Readymix, for example, uses large amounts of water for their concrete mixes, to clean their machinery and vehicles, and to supply their employees’ accommodations with utility water. INMMA Steel uses utility water for their various steel production processes. As for drinking water, we purchase bottled water from local suppliers and use water dispensers.

Relevant KPIs to be Monitored by Subsidiaries as Part of the 2019 Sustainability Integration Roadmap:

Total water consumption (m3)
% of wastewater that has been reused or recycled (as a percentage of total wastewater disposed of)
Water intensity/efficiency (m3/unit of output)
% of wastewater that has been disposed to the sewage system (as a percentage of total wastewater disposed of)


Water Consumption - 2018
Company / Subsidiary 2017 2018
Utility Water (m3) Drinking Water (Liters) Utility Water (m3) Drinking Water (Liters)
Alturki Holding - 16,728 - 16,728
Arkaz 10,425 11,520 9,698 11,520
Inma Steel 484 260,000 2,803 288,000
Masheed 2,597 20,664 4,008 18,597
Samara 9,982 15,456 10,278 18,597
Saudi Readymix 1,602,852 - 1,449,792 -
Sawafi - 6,000 - 6,000
TOTAL 1,626,340 342,528 1,476,579 374,642
  • Utility water consumption excludes Alturki Holding and InmaTech
  • Drinking water consumption excludes Saudi Readymix

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