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Support Policies

  • Following are the criteria that Alturki Holding uses when determining if an organization, program or activity can be considered for support.
  • Programs and activities must be conducted by an official agency or entity that is registered with the Saudi government.
  • The submitted application must be authorized by the requesting agency or entity to apply for support.
  • The support application must include a bank account that is held under the agency or entity’s official name.
  • The program being submitted for support must fall within the field of expertise of the agency or entity requesting the support.
  • The program activity and the field of expertise of the entity requesting the support must fall within the sustainability strategy of Alturki Holding.
  • The support application must include a complete, detailed program plan that includes three phases: pre-program (preparation), implementation (during the program) and follow up (post program).
  • The support application must include the names of all staff who will work on the program in both supporting and team member roles.
  • If an outside agency or entity is involved in the program in any way, that organization or entity’s name and official documentation must be included with the support application.
  • The agency or entity conducting the program must submit a post-even final report that includes images from the activity.
  • Priority will be given to those programs, agencies and entities that are considered by Alturki Holding to have the most likely positive impact on the participants or ultimate recipients of the support.
  • The applicant on each support application that meets the above criteria will receive an official acceptance or decline support notice.
  • Submittal of a support application request does not entitle to claim support or any special considerations from Alturki Holding.



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