One of our responsibilities as a corporate looking to sustain its relationship with all stakeholders and bringing life to our assets. We strive that by building a unique iconic facility which can enhance and engage the society members and give them a space to show their talents and capabilities.

Here some of these initiatives with focuses in the society members wellbeing as Prince Saud Bin Naif Park and Juthoor Market.

Prince Saud Bin Naif Park 2013 - Now

Alturki supported the establishment of Prince Saud Bin Naif Park, which was designed to be a place of inspiration, providing an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Beauty, however, is not all that visitors enjoy when visiting the Park. As visitors wander between the lanes, they experience a breath-taking journey full of knowledge. While they read the various scripts that showcase Arabic calligraphy at its best and enjoy the beautiful architecture, the Park inspires them to connect to the grand Muslim civilization and re-live its heritage.

The Park was designed to cater to everyone regardless of gender, age, and cultural backgrounds, indulging their minds, bodies, and souls. Moreover, the Park was designed specifically for full accessibility for the differently-abled. It breaks away from traditional design to facilitate education and learning while promoting individual and collective initiatives built on nurturing a culture of development and sustainability.

The garden is the cradle of many initiatives and a starting point for some Saudi projects. This is what we are proud of in Prince Saud bin Nayef Park, seeing the spirit of young Saudi men and women innovating in the garden's land.

11,400 Visitors in 2019

Juthoor Market 2019

In 2019, Alturki facilitated the usage of the saud bin nayif park by the Juthoor Market. Juthoor is a local based market that brings forth the best local produce, street food, products and good vibes. Juthoor is an organic, living and breathing market that will grow stronger and shape itself with its community’s original entrepreneurs, growers and local creatives.

7,000 Visitors in 2019

Civil Defence Exhibition – Safety First 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defence, along with its counterparts from the member states of the International Civil Defence Organisation, every year celebrate the International Day of Civil Defence on March, 1st. In 2019 the day was celebrated under the slogan: Safety First. Alturki supported the event in order to activate the public celebration and consolidate the concept of preventive awareness among community members and preventive safety requirements from fire and hazards.

Saudi food bank

We provide financial support for the Saudi Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of private sector leaders in the Eastern Province to decrease food waste and build community awareness around this concept.

The organization aims to:

  • Educate local communities on food waste
  • Gather addition food and distribute it to those in need
  • Create job opportunities and train community members
  • Create a culture of volunteerism
  • Provide professional social work opportunities
  • Create effective partnerships

Between 2017 and 2018, the Saudi food bank has provided over 7 million meals to more than 5,600 families.


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