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Throughout the Alturki and its subsidiaries, we ensure that our employees abide by the highest level of integrity and uphold high ethical standards.

As well as providing guidance, the group’s Code of Conduct is also a public statement. It is intended to establish standards and guidelines for expected employee behavior with regards to dealings with our people, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, understanding and obeying the rules and regulations, maintaining the highest standards of business practices and observing ethical behavior and integrity. It also sets out our expectations for our people to protect company assets and resources, ensure information security and be committed to behaving ethically and contributing to the economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce.

The Code of Conduct guides all employees in their daily business dealings with customers, vendors, business partners and stakeholders and all employees are required to know, acknowledge and comply with the Code. Breach of this Code is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action, termination, litigation, or dissolution of all business relations with Alturki.

Our culture drives the way in which we think and behave in order to deliver our objectives

To maintain a safe and healthy work environment, all employees will put in their best efforts and commit to eliminating work-related injuries. All employees shall abide by all environmental friendly guidelines and practices. Every employee should understand and obey the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Employees are also required to understand and obey the laws and regulations of other countries when traveling.

All Alturki business dealings and relationships shall be conducted in a manner that adopts the highest standards of business practices, observing ethical behaviors and integrity. In order to achieve high levels of integrity and ethical behavior, the following shall be considered: conflict of interest, outside employment, corruption, gifts and entertainment.

Company assets and resources should be protected. Alturki’s intellectual property rights are among its most valuable assets and their use must be cleared in advance by the Corporate Communications Department. Additionally, all employees must be careful with company funds, equipment and other physical assets and must not use them improperly.

Unnecessary or unauthorized Internet usage causes network and server congestion. No employee shall access the Internet for non-business purposes. Employees must always secure their laptop, important equipment and personal belongings, even while inside Alturki’s premises. Employees must not tamper with or disable security and safety devices.

Alturki views all types of fraud and theft as exceptionally serious and all employees are urged to protect Alturki’s assets as they would do their own.

It is extremely vital to control the flow of data and information from within Alturki, and also to protect its own knowledge. Deliberate misuse of Alturki’s knowledge for personal gain or for the benefit of any outside party is prohibited and is a serious breach of this Code.

Employees who are working with personnel information shall not disclose any information to any unauthorized individual or organization. Any employee who releases such information without prior appropriate approval will be subject to disciplinary and legal action.

Alturki’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission is focused on creating, developing and supporting high-impact initiatives in human development.

All employees are required to report any type breach of the Code to the Group’s Internal Audit and Group Chief Human Resources Officer.


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