Aligned With the Vision of the Nation

As one of the largest employers in the Kingdom, Alturki supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative by facilitating economic diversification and supporting societal development.

The Company is dedicated to identifying and developing unique talents, and creating a positive corporate culture that encourages its people to reach their full potential.

Management Team

Rami Khalid Alturki

Rami Khalid Alturki President & CEO

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Saleh Almarri

Saleh Almarri Special Advisor to the President

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Ibrahim Alkhateeb

Ibrahim Alkhateeb Special Advisor to the President & MD of Adeem

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Bader Alshathry

Bader Alshathry VP & Chief Digital Transformation Officer

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Asim Almalik

Asim Almalik VP & Chief Legal Officer

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Jason Mistry

Jason Mistry VP & Chief Financial Officer

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Mohannad Almadhi

Mohannad Almadhi Executive Director for Business Growth & Advisor to the President

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Zahid Farooq

Zahid Farooq Internal Audit Director

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Syed Asharaf

Syed Asharaf Group Finance Controller

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Faisal Alhawas

Faisal Alhawas Aramco Account Director

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Alanoud Alsemaeil

Alanoud Alsemaeil HR and Support Services Director

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Mohammed Altamimi

Mohammed Altamimi Director of Digital Transformation

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Ahmad Al Mubarak

Ahmad Al Mubarak Chief of Staff

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Noura Altamimi

Noura Altamimi Corporate Communications Manager

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Alturki Holding is a premier investor and partner for building great sustainable businesses

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