Living in a digital world

Understanding the opportunities in digital transformation

We have a clear long-term vision about our digital transformation.

Our world is moving closer and faster towards digital transformation. Some see this as a threat; we at Alturki see it as an opportunity. Adopting digital technologies for our day-to-day operations is not just about changing the way we do things. It's about transforming and adapting, creating a "new normal" where digital technology, society and organizations work as one. With our leadership fully committed to a clear long-term vision, it's our goal to start leveraging our reputation and footprint in the region to develop and deliver sustainable services and products in ways that have never been seen before. We take pride in knowing that some of our subsidiaries have already redefined their ways of working. Digital technologies have not only improved how we market our products and services; they have also increased the effectiveness of our operations, how we work and the relationships with our stakeholders. Our vision to become more agile, more open to experimentation and more sustainable will be brought to life through digital transformation, one step at a time.


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