People First Crisis Management

People First Crisis Management

With the Covid-19 case numbers continuing to steadily rise throughout the Kingdom, as well as the rest of the world, our Shared Services Manager, Alanoud Al Semaeil, discusses best practices were companies and human resources departments can follow to help their employees remain healthy And safe.


Deliver Regular, Clear and Accurate Communications to Employees

Being a responsible community focused business, we have maintained constant and consistent messaging to our employees citizens and followers on social media for ways to avoid becoming infected and stay healthy while being at home.

We ensure that the information we share are from credible and verified sources. A valuable source for us has been the Saudi Ministry of Health website which regularly post updates, and new ways to combat risk of the infection. It is essential we only cite sources that clearly attribute their information to either statements made by governmental agencies, or health professionals engaged in researching the virus.


Implement Flexible Working Arrangement Plans

In accordance to government requirements we have promoted remote working to encourage social distancing. Our employees at Alturki Holdingwork from home and we have supported them with the right he technological infrastructure to adopts a “business-as-usual” approach, it is essential to remain patient with employees, partners and clients while we all adopt this new way of working.

Ensuring, where possible, employees have all they need to continue doing their job to the best of their ability.


Using Technology for Maintaining Routine and Positive Mental Health

Adopting new ways of working can be difficult for some and less for others, which is why even in isolation, we are encouraging consistent collaboration. Maintaining and encouraging routines to support our employee’s managing their day to day activities.

We are currently using different platforms to support our employees collaborate and communicate effectively through Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

We believe that engaging with your employees is a key to business success We focus on delivering consistent, clear and direct communication to our employees.


Other HR Initiatives

  • Lead by example – Show your employees you are committed to the wider cause to instill pride in the workforce. Our subsidiaries are helping combat the virus in the community, and host employees ideas such as Saudi Readymix using their mixers to aid in the sanitation process.
  • Avoid ‘Us and Them’ – Senior management join group calls to show that you are there for them at their most anxious, and that you are here to help.
  • Reinforce the relevant corporate benefits – Give clear instructions on the company medical care policy and how to get access to what you need quickly.
  • Go the extra mile – Do something unexpected to raise morale. SAMARA have provided access to Samara Cart to all employees, subsidiary employees and joint ventures to ensure they can access groceries and essential supplies delivered directly to their door.

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