Reducing Environmental Impact Through Business Optimization

Reducing Environmental Impact Through Business Optimization

As the global industry grows conscious about the environment, and moves towards sustainability and reducing environmental impact, process optimization has attained critical importance. Business processes are the backbone of every organization, and organizational success very much depends on their efficiency and effectiveness.

Process optimization is the act of enhancing productivity, while at the same time, reducing both the wastage and consumption of resources by identifying and implementing new and efficient methods, to speed up time to market, improve workplace culture, remain compliant, and exceed customer expectations.

Aeshah Alghamdi, business development executive at Arkaz, expounds how Alturki Holding and subsidiaries at large, and Arkaz in particular, are adapting to the major shift by improving their processes and operations, along with a whole culture revamp.

Sustainability has always been a key strategic priority at Alturki Holding. Aligning with the Kingdom’s aspiration of a circular carbon economy under the ambitious Vision 2060, we are making great shifts in how we conduct our business to support the acceleration in energy transition, sustainability, and investments in the Kingdom.

Through innovative thinking, processes improvement, and a constant focus on creating value for our customers, we are consistently redefining our processes and operations across the Holding and subsidiaries to maximize productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

A special focus remains on identifying and eliminating of wasteful activities, maintaining process stability, constant process improvement, and maintaining production flow, to ensure optimized production.

At Arkaz, operational efficiency was enhanced by installing a new production setup, resulting in a reduction of changeover by 5% and output enhancement with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of 85%. Arkaz working its way towards sustainability, steps were taken to reduce wastewater disposal by 25%.

A special focus also remains on the improvement in products and solutions through active R&D. Over the last 4 years, Arkaz has succeeded in shifting traditional Plasticizers and Superplasticizers from LS and SNF to PCE based, alongside developing a full range of chemical and mineral admixtures, customizable to meet client requirements.

People are the key for any organization to adapt to change, and wherever there are people, there is culture. Culture cannot be created; it exists on its own, but it can be nurtured and modified to achieve the desired results. At Arkaz we promote an open culture that accommodates diversity, respects differences, and facilitates open communication, to motivate the employees to perform at their best. To enhance employee productivity and engagement, we also strive to ensure the workflow is well defined across departments.

The prompt focus on workflow management and ensuring the provision of the right training for the employees, along with the right tools to carry out the tasks with utmost efficiency, has enabled an environment of shared leadership, where everyone collectively contributes to the result for highly optimized output.


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