The Role of Environmental Technology, CSR, and Strong Corporate Governance Frameworks in Sustainable Societal Development

The Role of Environmental Technology, CSR, and Strong Corporate Governance Frameworks in Sustainable Societal Development

Technology has perhaps been one the biggest paradoxes humanity and the planet have ever faced. While technology revolutionized every aspect of human life largely for better, the impact it has had on the environment has been highly negative.

Almost 8 billion people sharing the planet and competing for space and resources along with continued industrialization and rapid technological advancements have resulted in catastrophic consequences for our planet in the form of climate change, environmental pollution, and swift depletion of natural resources.

Over the recent past however, there has been a rise in global concern for environment sustainability and attempts at addressing the critical issues faced by the planet have gathered momentum. Abdullah Al Saeed, corporate communications, and sustainability manager at the Alturki Holding building material subsidiary Saudi Readymix, talks about how organizations worldwide are making changes in policy and governance to accommodate and address environmental concerns, along with implementation of new and smart technologies and processes that are more environment friendly, to help develop a balance between development and environment.

Active commitment to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only enhances business performance by making them more responsible and accountable for their actions, but also promotes social and environmental sustainability to a great extent.

At Saudi readymix, we are going innovative in operating efficiently without compromising the vitality of our operations. Incorporating sustainability into our strategic planning, we have developed a rewarding culture that encourages our employees and other stakeholders to create better value by saving energy, cutting costs, reducing waste, and enhancing other environmental factors.

As an active contributor to the wealth creation and preservation of resources of the Kingdom and its people, we consistently adopt sustainable practices across our operations. Aligning our actions with the Saudi Green initiative, we have been able to significantly cut down on carbon footprint by an approximate 130 thousand tons, using cementitious materials produced locally at our own tube mill.

We invest majorly in R&D to develop durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products, by using local materials and providing solutions to construction challenges of our customers. This not only helps us in reducing environmental impact, but also strengthens the local industry both in terms of commerce and knowledge transfer.

Harnessing the power of digital technology to enhance our operational efficiencies, we use GPS tracking to keep track of the exact movement of our vehicles enabling improved fleet utilization, and reduction in traffic, which further leads to lower CO2 emissions. The tracking system has also enhanced driver safety & performance which shows positive impact in terms of the number and type of accidents as well as reduction in maintenance costs and jobs.

Recycling is another key area of focus at Saudi Readymix. We reuse industrial waste as well as rejected and excess concrete from the mixes in our production as raw material, thus cutting down significantly on waste production.

We also feel a keen sense of accountability toward the communities and environment around us. Through our active CSR, we interact and engage with the communities around us to create opportunities for sustainable growth.

We’re currently working in different directions with multiple parties, such as the MOU with Eastern Amana to utilize and authorize SRMC R&D as the main center for solutions related to concrete and mortar industries to develop products and solutions to improve the quality of life. We are working to develop an umbrella program ‘Mulhim’ for our CSR activities to connect and engage with local talents as well as cover internal communication activities for our employees and their families.


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