Alturki Holding and Ertiqa Forge Strategic Partnership for Social and Environmental Impact

Feb 25, 2024


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - February 2024

In a significant step towards fostering sustainable development and social welfare in Saudi Arabia, Alturki Holding and Ertiqa have joined forces through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), aimed at environmental preservation and enhancing technological and social awareness across the kingdom.

This partnership reflects Alturki Holding's commitment to supporting social projects and sustainable development in Saudi Arabia, playing a significant role in the region's progress and economic transformation.

The partnership encompasses multifaceted areas of cooperation:

  • Surplus Electronic Device Provision: Alturki Holding will supply surplus electronic devices to Ertiqa, bolstering its endeavors to rehabilitate and distribute computers to underserved segments of society.
  • Joint Awareness Campaigns: Together, both entities will orchestrate impactful awareness campaigns, geared towards promoting the culture of electronic device refurbishment and recycling. These campaigns aim to underscore the vital role of responsible electronic waste management in environmental conservation and sustainable development.
  • Collaborative Volunteer Initiatives: Unified in purpose, Alturki Holding and Ertiqa will spearhead joint volunteer programs, designed to serve the community and foster robust technical and social awareness.

Following the signing of the MoU, Mohammed Altamimi, Director of Digital Transformation, Alturki Holding, expressed profound enthusiasm for the collaboration with Ertiqa, emphasizing the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in achieving societal and environmental objectives. He also commented, "We take immense pride in contributing to Ertiqa’s noble initiatives aimed at uplifting society and safeguarding the environment. Together, we look forward to realizing tangible and positive outcomes through this synergistic endeavor."

Ertiqa, an initiative by Al Fozan Social Foundation, is a pioneer in the field of collecting and rehabilitating computers for distribution to needy families, students with disabilities, and charitable rehabilitation and training centers. The organization is distinguished by its noble humanitarian mission and dedication to supporting underserved groups in Saudi society. Omar Alshaibani, Executive Director, expressed gratitude and appreciation to Alturki Holding for its support and cooperation, affirming that this collaboration will greatly contribute to enhancing the organization's capabilities in achieving its humanitarian mission and serving the community better.

This step comes in line with both parties' efforts to shape a more prosperous future for society while advancing equitable and impactful progress across environmental, social, and economic domains.


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