Alturki Holding Empowers 100 Employees with Comprehensive Microsoft Power BI Training

May 26, 2024


As part of Alturki Talent Development Program “Hemmah”, Alturki Holding recently concluded a comprehensive Microsoft Power BI training program aimed at enhancing data analytics skills across its workforce. The four-day course, delivered by a Certified Training Center from Microsoft, equipped participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage Power BI for insightful data analysis and reporting.

The course was attended by employees from various departments across all subsidiaries, covering a wide range of topics essential for proficiency in Microsoft Power BI. Beginning with foundational concepts and data preparation, the training progressed to advanced modeling techniques, report creation, and dashboard design. Participants also delved into performing advanced analytics and managing datasets and workspaces within the Power BI environment.

With a total of 100 employees trained over five sessions, Alturki Holding reaffirms its commitment to fostering a data-driven culture within the organization. By investing in the development of its workforce, Alturki aims to empower employees to make informed decisions and drive operational efficiency through data insights.

Looking ahead, Alturki Holding plans to extend the training program to more employees, ensuring widespread adoption of data analytics practices across the organization. Additionally, the company will introduce more advanced Microsoft Power BI courses to further enhance data analytics capabilities and increase productivity.

The successful completion of the Microsoft Power BI training program underscores Alturki Holding's commitment to continuous learning and skill development, driving efficiency and competitiveness across its businesses.


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