Alturki Holding Participated in a Campaign During the Month of Ramadan, Collaborating with Charitable Associations

May 05, 2024


During the holy month of Ramadan, Alturki Holding organized various initiatives, partnering with charitable organizations in the Eastern Province through the Athar program. These initiatives highlight the company's commitment to social responsibility and community service.

To begin with, Alturki Holding supported "Etaam" (Saudi Food Bank), an organization dedicated to helping those in need. The company organized a campaign to donate food baskets, with its employees actively participating in packing and distributing the supplies.

Additionally, the company organized visits to King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam. Alturki team brought gifts and warmth to children fighting cancer, in collaboration with the "Sanad Cancer Association." These visits aimed to uplift the children's spirits and provide them with emotional support.

Recognizing the importance of inclusion and empowerment, Alturki Holding volunteers joined The Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Complex (Efaa) for their "Special Art" program. This program focused on nurturing the talents of disabled girls and empowering them through various crafts and arts.

Ahmad Almubarak, from Alturki Holding's Sustainability Department, highlighted the significance of these efforts. He stated, "Ramadan is a perfect time to promote generosity and unity in society. We're grateful for our employees' participation and dedication to helping others. Our support for these activities aims to contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of society."

These initiatives demonstrate Alturki Holding's commitment to sustainability. By fostering positive societal impact, the company upholds its belief that true success lies in enriching the communities it serves.


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