Anas Aljuraifani Speaks at G20 Italy 2021 Official Y20 Consultations

Jul 04, 2021


The Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) invited Mr. Anas Aljuraifani, Alturki Holding Company Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Strategic Partnerships Director to speak at the G20 Italy 2021 Official Y20 Consultations which took place virtually , Saturday 3rd July 2021.

It was a unique opportunity for our colleague, and we were proud to have him as Alturki’s ambassador. YAS leads the Youth 20 (Y20), the official G20 engagement group dedicated to young people in collaboration with the Sherpa office of the Prime Minister's Office and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The Official Y20 Consultations Mr. Aljuraifani participated in is a discussion platform from which a series of agreed recommendations related to the G20 agenda are compiled into a joint communiqué, which represents youth vision on the G20 priorities, providing Alturki Holding Company with an opportunity to add its voice to a discussion that contributes to laying the foundations for an inclusive and sustainable future of which youth play a vital role.



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