ARKAZ Lands an Iconic Project (MASAR)

Feb 16, 2023


MASAR, a pioneering development project of Umm Alqura for Development and Construction, is built on a vision to develop Makkah as a modern international tourist destination. With the slogan ‘Dedicated to Makkah’ MASAR establishes an integrated development infrastructure that adopts the concept of comprehensive mobility to serve Makkah residents, visitors, and pilgrims.

MASAR is in the western part of Makkah to Jabal Omar on the outskirts of the Haram Al Sharif. The new KAAR (MASAR) development is a signature urban development project providing connectivity to the Al Haram along Grand Pedestrian Boulevard, flanked by hotels, commercial and retail facilities, residential buildings, car parking, public spaces, and public amenities to support religious, social and commercial activities to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other visitors and residents. It is 3,650 meters long and 320 meters wide links the first, second, and third ring roads to Abdullah Arif and Mansour roads. With such a massive project in Makkah built on a curved location, the weather is scorching during summer, and rainy in winter. ARKAZ took precautions by ensuring we are using suitable materials and had all the necessary tools to ensure any safety hazards won't happen when the project was done.

ARKAZ range of waterproofing is a pure High-Density Poly Ethelyn HDPE membrane system to protect against water ingress and lateral water migration, which inhibits the damaging effects of rain and moisture by forming a physical barrier, as well as blocking any further entry from deep underground. This is achieved through a unique blend of a completely tailored technical solution system that integrates to form an engineered piece of art, helping you conserve valuable energy by keeping the building dry. Products by GCP, “Grace Construction Products,” are available exclusively through our network of waterproofing specialists throughout the Kingdom by ARKAZ.

“Arkaz seeks to add value to the societies in which it operates by enriching living. Through the provision of high-performing construction chemical solutions and building products that strengthen structures and protect assets, effectively enhancing a project’s value, safety, and sustainability, we strive to enrich the lives of this generation and the next.” Said Dr. Frank Noemer, Managing Director, Arkaz. 

With a team of builders from all over the world, Arkaz works to provide the best contracting services to be found. Therefore, requirements regarding this project need to be implemented such as;

  • Waterproofing system shall be able to prevent leakage of groundwater into the structures.
  • Waterproofing system shall be able to protect the concrete against deleterious chemical influences.
  • Waterproofing system shall have a service life of 100 years.
  • Waterproofing system shall be resistant and protect the environment where it is placed.
  • The waterproofing system used shall be suitable for the Works and the local conditions of ground and groundwater (inside and outside of the Zamzam Holy Water Zone).

Protect your project from the elements with our waterproofing systems. Our team of experts at Arkaz will assess the situation and properly product specifications for waterproofing system to meet your needs. For more information, please contact our team at,




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