Around 20,000 Cubic Meters Poured Last Month

Feb 26, 2017


Last month, Saudi Readymix poured around 20,000 cubic meters of special concretes at various projects across the Kingdom. Special concretes are unconventional types of concretes that are used for special applications or performance requirements. There are many types of special concretes that can range from a controlled low strength concrete to a sophisticated highly durable high strength triple blend concrete.

“Gone are the days when five or six standard concrete mixes were the only types of concrete used for all projects in a certain area or city,” says Fadi Mujahed, Saudi Readymix Chief Commercial Officer. “Mixes used to be designated by their strength or cement content; such as a 7-bag concrete mix – that is 350 kilograms of cement per cubic meter; or a 4,000 psi concrete mix. Nowadays, many projects have their own specially designed concrete mixes to fulfill a specific requirement or meet a certain performance standard.”

“Last year, for instance, we supplied around 250,000 cubic meters of special concretes that include high early strength concretes, light weight concretes, colored concretes, durable concretes, flowable concretes and self-compacting concretes, to name a few,” added Mujahed.

The Company has just successfully completed the supply of a special durable triple blend self-compacting concrete for the Sulphur pits of two different gas plant sites for Saudi Aramco in the Eastern Region. The project requirement was to extend the life span of the Sulphur pits by developing a concrete that can resist acid attacks and other corrosive attacks and withstand very high temperatures.

“We believe that demand for these custom-made concretes will continue to increase in the coming years,” says Fadi Mujahed. “So, our new Research and Development Center will be playing a very critical and active role in developing creative solutions for any new special requirements that future projects in the Kingdom may need.”

Saudi Readymix is the leading ready-mixed concrete supplier in Saudi Arabia with a network of over 40 factories located in various strategic locations throughout the Kingdom. The Company employs around 3,000 employees and runs the largest fleet of mobile equipment in the region. The Company contributes in many ongoing research in concrete in collaboration with various academic institutes and organizations throughout the Middle East.


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