InmaTech Announces the Signing of New Service Contract with El Seif Engineering Contracting Company

May 02, 2019


Distinguished provider of integrated technology and service solutions, InmaTech has recently joined forces with El Seif Engineering Contracting Company, one of the most renowned construction companies in Saudi Arabia. Following the signing of this contract, InmaTech will be responsible for the supply, installation testing, and commissioning of Bouyer Public Address Systems in The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz’s KAP2A project.

Riyadh, KSA May 01, 2019
InmaTech is pleased to announce that the company has recently signed a contract with one of Saudi Arabia’s leading construction companies, El Seif Engineering Contracting Company. It has also been revealed that this contract is for the supply, installation testing, and commissioning of a voice evacuation solution in The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz’s KAP2A project. As per the partnership, the above-mentioned contract should be completed by August 2019.

One of the top construction companies in Saudi Arabia, El Seif Engineering Contracting Company has now expanded to several other Middle East locations such as Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. Their world-class construction and engineering services have been instrumental in the success of some of the region’s major urban centers.

The scope of the project is spread over seven facilities located at seven different locations in Riyadh viz. Passport Institute complex, Institute of Security complex, Institute of Combating Drugs complex, Institute of Border Guard complex, Institute of Civil Defense complex, Special Task’s Training complex, and King Fahad Security Institute complex. Each of the complexes will have its own housing units, administration buildings, security buildings, training facilities, central warehouses, mall buildings, recreational facilities, petrol stations, auditorium halls, clinics, mosques, substations, water tanks, and much more.

Voice Evacuation Solution from BOUYER will be installed in all buildings, ensuring sound amplification so that all announcements can be heard by more people. Founded in 1933, BOUYER is one of the world’s most trusted designer and manufacturer of Public Address sound products and solutions as well as of Voice Alarm sound systems in compliance with the latest applicable standards (EN54). The reliability and reputation of BOUYER products make it the perfect choice for The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz’s Project (KAP2A).

InmaTech started its illustrious journey in 1982 as a telecom solution and service provider. Over the years, they have expanded by leaps and bounds to carve a niche as the region’s most preferred partner for advanced technology and service solutions. The company now operates in several lines of business including RFID, Low Current System, Security Solutions, Networking, and Telecom.

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About InmaTech: Since its establishment in 1982, InmaTech has become a market leader in providing reliable integrated technology, power, and service solutions. They aim to help customers to gain intelligent insight and achieve operational excellence via innovative advanced technologies. The company strives to customer trust through reliable and high-quality project delivery and after-sales service. Success in utilizing the optimal and advanced solutions has guaranteed InmaTech a place amongst the leading technology, power, and services solutions providers in Saudi Arabia and the region.


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