Numou Education Center and Alturki Holding Launch an Educational Initiative to Enhance Programming Skills for Students

Apr 16, 2024


In a step reflecting their commitment to social responsibility, staff from the Numou Education Center visited the headquarters of Alturki Holding on March 18, where they were received by Mr. Rami Alturki, the CEO of Alturki Holding. This visit comes within the framework of implementing a joint educational initiative between the governmental, private, and non-profit sectors, aimed at enhancing technical skills among public education students.

The objectives of this initiative include supporting digital and technological education, enhancing students' learning abilities, and acquiring 21st-century skills by providing innovative and interactive educational opportunities for learning programming using Scratch and Sawy-Sawy program controllers. It targets 200 male and female students.

Mr. Ashraf Hamad, CEO of the Numou Education Center, emphasized the importance of developing the experiences of this rising generation, keeping pace with technological advancements, and preparing them for the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, which relies on modern technologies and programming languages. He also expressed the Numou Education Center's keenness to activate diverse community partnerships.

On his part, Mr. Abdulmuhsen Baltyour, the high school principal at Al Dhahran Private Schools, expressed his gratitude to Alturki Holding for supporting this initiative, emphasizing the importance of the private sector's role in enhancing education and social responsibility values.

This collaboration between Alturki Holding and the Numou Education Center constitutes a significant step towards achieving a national vision for sustainable development, affirming the role of sustainability and social responsibility in enhancing education and shaping a prosperous future for the Kingdom.


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