Sandler’s Sales Training Program

Feb 12, 2017


Alturki Holding had hosted onsite Sandler’s training program for training executive managers of Alturki and all subsidiaries. The program was conducted in the period from 6-8 February 2017. It is part of Alturki’s constant strive to achieve excellence in all its forms by applying the finest practices to achieve the optimal results. The purpose of the program is to improve the sale function within Alturki. And It also stems from the firm believe in the importance of employee development as an integral and essential part of the success.
Sandler training programs are well-recognized global wide and have a record of accomplishment of providing excellent service to a diverse customer base while developing and employing innovative training methods. The Sandler’s Sales program selected by Alturki is expected to improve the capabilities of sales function and enforce the Sandler’s concepts to achieve excellent performance.


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