Youth Empowerment: A Window to a Better Tomorrow

Jul 14, 2020


Amongst young people in society today, perceptions on what they perceive to be quality of life takes many different forms and prime among these opinions is the importance of healthy psychological and social well-being. This positive sense of being is linked to several factors, the most important of which is a certain group of values and life skills that enhance positive development, enabling them to build a career they love, as well as play an active role in advancing their society.

Playing an active role in society not only creates happiness and satisfaction, but also helps youth adapt to societal change and evolution. It also increases their productivity, which in turn increases their chances of finding fulfilling jobs as well as maintaining productive and confident lives.

When we are young, we are at a stage in our lives of openness and giving. The youth are those that represent the active, mobile component of society. They exemplify human wealth, economic strength, and social vigor. But it is also the segment of society that most requires opportunities to engage in various experiences; the kind of experiences that books do not, and cannot, teach them. The kind of experience that youth can only acquire through real-life projects that allow them to learn through practice and application.

Any society’s inability to develop youth, however, is a recipe for inevitable failure, but much effort is expended in the way of their development. However rich or poor a country is in terms of natural resources, its prosperity - its fate - ultimately lies with the creativity of its youth.


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