Inma Technologies Open Day

Apr 20, 2016


In order to promote effective communication and to provide a platform for openly discussing all relevant challenges that may appear in a work environment, Inma Technologies, a subsidiary of Alturki Holding, arranged an open day for all of its employees.
The basic purpose of this occasion was to provide fun and recreational activities for the team while also encouraging them to openly discuss all of their issues that they may be facing or having difficulty coping with; thus, this encouraged an open dialogue without the fear of negative evaluation or any other relevant concern.
This not only resulted in a better connection between the employers and the employees but also created a supportive and cooperative work environment for everyone, without compromising on the level of performance. This highlights one of the many important aspects that are actually unique to Alturki Holding and all of its constituent subsidiaries.
Concern about the welfare of the employees and taking into account all of their workplace problems is a major stance taken by this corporation. That is why the open exchange of all relevant discussions is encouraged while not compromising on the ease of any person. Alturki Holding works to promote a friendly, professional and supportive environment that encourages maximum output on the part of the team. Because of the better workplace environment found at the company and at all of its subsidiaries, better than satisfactory performance is achieved, hence generating an overall increased level of objectives and identified goals.
Thus, with the realistic goals and enthusiastic workforce, the vision that includes being recognized as the premier investor and partner for building great sustainable businesses in the great countries of Saudi Arabia and Egypt will ultimately be realized.


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