Waste management

Our subsidiaries monitor their waste materials and volumes to keep track of their efficiency and production. The below table shows the waste disposed of by each subsidiary, most of which is handled by specialized agencies. General waste, however, is disposed of in mixed landfills.

Relevant KPIs to be Monitored by Subsidiaries as Part of the 2019 Sustainability Integration Roadmap:

Volume of waste generated – broken down by type (tons)
Waste generated as a percentage of input material – broken down by type of input material (%)
% of waste recycled – broken down type of waste
Volume of waste sent to landfill – broken down by type (tons)


Company Waste Type (Metric Tons) 2017 2018
Arkaz General Waste 289 277
Inma Steel General Waste 48 49
Metal Scrap 18 21
Samara Tires 360 360
Engine Oil 10 31
Batteries 24 29
Saudi Readymix Rejected concrete 15,299 16,181
Oil/Lubricants 661 668
Batteries 115 93
Oil Filters 8 8

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