Alturki Holding Builds Capacity for Its Long-term Sustainability Commitments.

Jan 28, 2020


Sub-header: Alturki management attended a workshop to accelerate the implementation of its sustainability roadmap.  

Alturki Holding concluded the development process of a roadmap, integration model and production of an annual Sustainability report aiming to embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices throughout its businesses. A training workshop was recently held to align all the executives, supply chain, HR, HSE managers, and Sustainability representatives with Alturki’s strategic plans, and further begin the implementation of a sustainability roadmap across the entire group.

Conducted by Sustainable Square, sustainability and social impact consulting firm, the workshop aimed to educate and shed light on the business case of sustainability while outlining the first report’s findings and initiatives that will support Alturki’s vision and mission moving forward.

Seeking to support sustainable investing and integrate sustainable business practices within its core activities and framework, Rami Alturki, President & CEO said: “we are committed to drive our businesses forward in an inclusive and sustainable manner while ensuring that all our operations embed ESG factors into their daily activities and decision making processes in order to create shared values with our communities at large.”

Sustainable practices that tackle global and local socio-economic challenges not only impact the community, but also enhance returns for businesses. The moral case to invest in sustainable businesses is even stronger for family-owned corporations, as a company’s sustainability can help to favor more long-term perspectives.

Alturki management and its subsidiaries will drive the implementation of the twelve roadmap initiatives, the KPIs and long-term commitments outlined in the report which will begin with the creation of an Alturki Holding environmental policy, a corporate volunteering programme and development of Alturki supplier sustainability evaluation criteria.

“Now that the Roadmap development is complete, we need to share it with the Board and all subsidiaries before activating the twelve roadmap Initiatives,” Hamad Alkaltham, Sustainability Manager, said.  He added, “with defined KPIs now in place we look forward to engaging all divisions and departments, while aligning with national and international guidelines, in order to build our sustainability platform as an integral part of the overall strategy of the group.”


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