Alturki’s Community Impact Framework

In the past years, we took the initiative of developing our Community Impact Framework to guide our future community investment programs. We followed a rigorous process, including benchmarking, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, and the development of focus areas.

Country Level Community Level Company Level

Topics of Importance to Saudi Arabia derived from Vison 2030

Topics addressed by community Partners

Topics addressed by Alturki Holding

Impact topics

1. Quality Education

2. Vocational Training

3. Empower youth

4. Sustainable Jobs

5. End Poverty

6. SMEs

7. SDG Partners

8. Empower PWDs

9. Health and Wellbeing

10. Clean Energy

11. Natural Resources Management

12. Minimise Climate Change

13. Empower Women

14. Responsible Consumption / Production

15. PPPs

16. National Culture / Entertainment

17. Support Tourism

18. Sports Sector

19. Preserve Ecosystems

20. Conserve Marine Resources

21. Reduced Inequalities

22. Empower Children

23. Support Local Suppliers

24. Gender Equality

We analyzed the community investment focus areas of 32 local and international companies that hold similarities to our industries. The benchmarking enabled us to better gauge which social impact topics needed further investment and which topics were perhaps under or over-served. Following the stakeholders’ engagements and benchmarking exercise we highlighted the following 5 topics as the ones of major importance for Alturki to focus on:

  1. Quality Education
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Vocational Training
  4. Youth Empowerment
  5. Sustainable Jobs

The topic of Quality Education received the highest rating from the stakeholders’ engagement exercise. We have, thus, shaped our Community Impact Framework with Quality Education at its core.  We then examined our country and regional context to understand better the current status of educational priorities, which would permit us to identify niche areas. The below references were used:

  • The Transformation of Education as part of the Saudi Vision 2030
  • The Saudi Ministry of Education
  • Regional and country research on education in MENA and in Saudi Arabia that is publicly available

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