Dhahran Ahliyya School (DAS) 1977 - Now

Alturki Holding opened Dhahran Ahliyya School (DAS) in 1977. Inspired by Islam teachings, the mission of DAS is to empower each student to be compassionate, thinking, lifelong bilingual learner, who makes a positive difference locally and globally. The school’s vision is to provide a world-class education while staying true to an Arab and Islamic identity through a facilitative learning community that is sustainable and socially responsible.

DAS believes that excellent education touches both the hearts and minds of students. It develops their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to learn and work in a rapidly transforming world. Correspondingly, it should provide them with a sense of belonging in their own country while also an openness to their roles as citizens of the world, committed to taking action to help make their world a better place.


Commitments: four criteria for evaluating DAS educational programs

  1. STUDENTS FEEL safe in school, confident that they will be respected and not exposed to any bullying, physical or emotional, from faculty or fellow students.
  2. STUDENTS FEEL that what they are studying is useful to them all the time and interesting to them at least 65% of the time.
  3. STUDENTS FEEL that they are being asked to apply higher-level thinking skills to their learning and that they are not being asked to memorize only.
  4. STUDENTS FEEL that they can succeed in doing the work assigned and are confident that if they have trouble, they will be able to seek assistance from teachers who will help them LEARN and not just achieve certain scores.

Essential elements of a professional learning community

  1. Commitment to continuous improvement
  2. Shared norms and values
  3. Collective focus on learning and shared responsibility for students
  4. Collaboration
  5. De-privatized practice
  6. Reflective dialogue

Educational Book House 1977 - Now

We support the Educational Book House, a nonprofit organization that publishes high-quality educational books for educators, parents, and children. Its publications are used to teach across top universities in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. Also, Educational Book House offers professional development courses including:

Classroom Management Principals and Student Achievement Building Motivation and Self-Esteem in Employees
Cooperative Learning Professional Learning Community at Work Understanding by Design
Strategies for Active Learning Cooperative Discipline Discipline with Dignity
Building Self-Esteem: Teacher’s Guide Building Self-Esteem: Administrator’s Guide Using Knowledge Maps to Improve Learning
Tools for Citizenship and Life Parenting with Purpose STEP: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting


Numou Center for Education 2019 - Now

The Numou Center for Education provides training services for teachers at Misk School, Advanced Learning Schools, Mubaraka Foundation and Dhahran Ahliyya Schools.

The vision of Numou Center for Education is to provide innovative, best-in-class services and products that harness the latest methodologies and technologies to enhance learning locally and regionally.

Arab Thought Foundation 2000 - Now

The Arab Thought Foundation is an independent, international, non-governmental organization, which was founded in the year 2000 by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, with the support and competencies of a group of intellectuals, investors, and businessmen, who identified with its message and principles of enlightenment. The Foundation is committed to instilling pride in the traditions, principles, and values of the nation by promoting responsible freedom, reinforcing Arab solidarity, strengthening the unifying Arab identity, all the while preserving the wealth diversity and plurality.

Through its contributions to intellectual and cultural efforts, ATF has adopted an approach based on fostering partnerships and cooperation with complementing relevant organizations, institutions, think tanks, and research centers. It has also launched pioneering programs and projects aiming at endorsing the youth, modernizing the teaching and learning methods of the Arabic language, and highlighting the importance of dialogue and openness to the world’s languages and cultures.

Taafee Charitable Society 2019

Mission: Contributing from a religious standpoint to educating society about the harms of drugs and how to deal with addicts, and working to contain and accept those recovering from addiction

Taafee Charitable Society is an association that works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and it is the only one in the Eastern Region that deals with the care and rehabilitation of people recovering from substance abuse. The society offers a private healthy housing for the recovered, in which the best treatment and rehabilitation programs are provided. The association also provide financial support for the families having a massive impact on maintaining the social security in the community.

Alturki support, in line with the company community impact framework has helped Taafee to raise the level of education among the beneficiaries easing the way for people to obtaining jobs and reintegrate themselves into society.


Being able to land a job when recovered from substance abuse has a massive impact on improving social relations and ensure a psychologically and socially healthy life.

859 Beneficiares


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