We are interested in creating a development system that holistically targets those working with youth، by providing them with specialized content, professional training, and an interactive community for practitioners. It is the field of work that complements formal education, which belongs to learning outside the framework of school and formal education frameworks, and aims to enhance young people's knowledge of themselves, others, and society, support their growth, independence, and self-reliance, achieve active citizenship, and contribute to social, economic, cultural, artistic and media participation.

Shabab Mujtamaie 2017 - Now

Shabab Mujtamaie was launched in March 2017 as one of the community initiatives of Khaled Ali Alturki & Sons Alturki Company, with the aim of contributing to raising the productivity of our youth and enhancing their social and economic role.

The initiative seeks to establish a legacy model and a house of expertise that connects qualified workers with young people, addressing them in a holistic manner.

Shabab Mujtamaie has three strategic objectives in its work programs:

  1. Promote and develop research and knowledge in the field of professional youth work.
  2. Working on the professional development of youth.
  3. Establishing a vibrant professional community of people to work hand-in-hand with the youth. 

Our experts are individuals who work in the government sector, the private sector, or the non-profit sector and are trained, academically and practically to directly support the youth by providing extracurricular programs and activities which seek to develop the new generations at the individual and collective level.

Education for Employment (EFE) 2017 - Now

Alturki supports Education for Employment (EFE), a network of locally-run, not-for-profit organizations that provide young people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with the instruments to start a job, become entrepreneurs, build their future, and give back to their communities.

EFE creates public-private partnerships to build intensive, interactive, tailored training programs for jobs that are pre-committed by its business partners and provide companies with suitable talent. As a complementary pathway to economic opportunity, EFE’s entrepreneurship program prepares young people to become entrepreneurs and provides access to tangible follow-up support.

EFE-Saudi Arabia publicly launched in 2017 to provide underprivileged and unemployed young Saudi women and men with demand-driven training directly linked to economic opportunities. Its establishment was guided by a private-sector advisory committee, along with seed funding and incubation from leading Saudi Arabian companies and foundations

Over 3,000 Saudi youth linked to employment 54% of EFE Saudi Arabia graduates are young women 49 employers have hired EFE-Saudi Arabia alumni

Afoq 2019

MISSION: Contribute to the development of girls in the Eastern Province by developing their capabilities and enhancing their values.

In 2019, Alturki Company partner up with the Girls' Development and Rehabilitation Association (Afoq) to implement the Teacher Qualification Program (Khatta). The training program contributes to increasing job opportunities by qualifying freshly female graduates to comprehensively lead the educational process in private sector schools through a series of training courses and workshops.

In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, Afoq aims to providing sustainable programs for girls between 15 and 30 years old according to the scientific principles of sound counseling and advising them on social and professional fields. The association relies on planning its programs according to the girls’ needs, as well as the directives of experts in the field. The association works to measure the impact of its programs on its beneficiaries through periodic questionnaires to measure the impact of the initiatives on the young ladies.

330 girls benefitted from this initiative


Alturki Holding supports Endeavor, an organization leading the global movement to select, mentor, and accelerate the most capable entrepreneurs around the world.

Endeavor Saudi Arabia commenced its activities in 2012 and celebrated its official launch on May 11, 2014, under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry. The Saudi chapter is Endeavor’s fifth Middle East regional affiliate, following successful launches in the region.

In recent years, entrepreneurship and innovation have become the meaningful economic growth engines of the country. Endeavor’s unique model helps in identifying and supporting entrepreneurs who create quality jobs that multiply impact. Endeavor Saudi Arabia is spearheaded by local board members and business leaders who believe in Endeavor’s mission and aim to be the catalyst for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom12.

Since the inception of Endeavor in Saudi Arabia, 17 companies, including 22 entrepreneurs, were selected to go through rigorous mentoring and capacity building.
The Potential of High–Impact Entrepreneurs
Possess the biggest most innovative ideas and the capacity to realize them.
Scale their businesses creating significantly more wealth and high quality jobs.
Reinvest their knowledge, credibility and financial gains in the generation of entrepreneurs.
Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 4 times more likely to inspire
Economic Growth 2.4 times faster
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 8 times more likely to mentor 4 times more likely to invest
Job Creation 5.4 faster

Masahet Watan Art & Culture Exhibition 2017 - Now

The Masahet Watan Art & Culture Exhibition is held annually every National Day. At Alturki, we appreciate how important art and cultural events are for the development of our people and the younger generation. In 2019, we were delighted to support this initiative, giving artists from different backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their artistic talent and present work that celebrates the heritage of Saudi Arabia.

PACES 2016 - Now

Palestine Association for Children's Encouragement of Sports (PACES) During the year 2019, Alturki allocated part of its CSR budget to support the Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports (PACES). PACES is a UK based charity established in 2006, with the aim of providing healthy, structured after-school sports program for Palestinian girls and boys ages 8-16 years living in refugee camps and most marginalized areas in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. Through its core sports for development program, PACES provides children with multiple educational benefits to help them thrive in their own communities. From March to November each year, children are granted an escape from being idle on the streets; an escape that is fun, healthy, and encourages participation and inclusion.

50% female participation rate in our program


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