Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is made up of four members: the CEO, two VPs and Alturki’s Sustainability Manager. This committee oversees our sustainability strategy and integration roadmap, guiding our management and operations to establish sustainability across our Group. The Sustainability Committee safeguards our company’s future by anticipating and mitigating all non-financial risks to ensure that our operational growth is sustained for our employees, community and country for generations to come.

The committee has the following responsibilities:

Community and Social Responsibility

The Sustainability Committee ensures that our impact initiatives and programs are working towards human development and address our social focus area: quality of education. To do so, they make sure our initiatives and programs give opportunities for the development and wellbeing of our people, their families and the communities in which they work and live. The committee are responsible for reviewing Alturki’s community impact performances against agreed targets, continuously reviewing the effectiveness of Alturki’s policies and initiatives on community engagement and social responsibility. Our subsidiaries are equally a part of our business, so the committee work to support and encourage them to act responsibly and contribute to the societies in which they work.

Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our most valuable asset, is vitally important. Therefore, the committee keeps up-to-date with key health and safety information, and make recommendations to the board regarding key issues across the company in this area. The committee also continuously reviews Alturki’s health and safety performance against agreed targets and oversees our policies to ensure the company’s objectives are met.


Monitoring the impact we have on the environment we work in is fundamental in ensuring that we are operating as a sustainable business. The committee reviews Alturki’s environmental performance against agreed targets, and monitors the effectiveness of Alturki’s policies and initiatives, which are designed to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.


Rami Alturki

Rami Khalid Alturki President & CEO

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Bader Alshathry

Bader Alshathry VP & Chief Digital Transformation Officer

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Anas Aljuraifani

Anas Aljuraifani Corporate Communications & Sustainability Director

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Waleed Al Harthi

Waleed Al Harthi Musandah

Corey Campbell

Corey Campbell Sawafi

Mashal Aldshash

Mashal Aldshash Inma

Fadi Al-Abkari

Fadi Al-AbkariInma Steel

Abdullah AlSaeed

Abdullah AlSaeedSaudi Readymix

Hissah Alshowier

Hissah Alshowier Samara - Sixt

Ahmed Alhamoud

Ahmed AlhamoudMasheed

Alanoud Alwalmani

Alanoud AlwalmaniArkaz



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